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Which are the "Easy" Satellites?

SO-50 is fairly easy to work. But AO-91 and AO-92 with their 2M DOWNlinks are easier! AO-92 switches to a 1.2GHz UPlink once a week, and also has other experiments on board. Watch AMSAT-NA's Twitter Feed for announcements of AO-92 mode changes. It is best that you work these satellites in "full duplex" mode - if possible - and monitor the DOWNlinks as you transmit.

There are also occasional SSTV projects from the ISS on 145.800 MHz.

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Receiving ISS SSTV images can be as simple as holding your HT up to your smartphone equipped with a $3 app! Info right here.

Once you've mastered the "easy" sats, there are several SSB / CW transponder sats. Click here for "getting started" information.



Consult this site (screenshot below) to see if your chosen satellite has been heard by others ... and report your experiences, too!

SO-50 Status - UP and running.

AO-91 Status - UP and running

AO-92 Status - UP and running

ISS Status - Packet UP, FM Repeater coming!

On the left, use the drop-down menu to see where the ISS, SO-50, AO-91, or AO-92 are right now.

On the right, The LIVE OSCAR STATUS PAGE. See #2 above

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