- Click here to learn how to work the easy satellites. 
Need your new (or old!) handheld radio programmed for your region? Go to HamRadioProgramming.com. 
Here’s my Southern California frequency list. 
Think it’s impossible to work the ISS with 2W and a $15 tape measure beam antenna? Click here for proof it IS possible!

A couple projects: contributed to an article for a special Dayton Hamvention issue of CQ magazine ... orchestrated a wildly successful community event - an interview of ISS Flight Engineer Don Pettit - who was aboard the ISS at the time ... another appearance on the Bob Heil / Gordon West video  podcast,  Ham Nation ... and  think it is impossible to work the ISS with just 2 Watts and a tape measure beam???

So what else is available here? Well ...

The PHOTOS page has slideshows covering ...
 the “mods” I’ve performed to my Arrow Antenna
 making radio “go boxes” out of Playmate coolers
 a simple teleprompter for a Flip video camera and  iPod touch
an emergency repeater repair journey (grin)
an Altoids tin USB charger project ... along with other goodies

The DOCS page offers ...
a one-page “How to Program your Yaesu FT-60R” document
my 2014 “Top Fifty Sixty EIGHTY Frequencies” for Southern California
Icom’s grid square map
quick programming guides for a bunch of Kenwood and Icom rigs 
 ... and more

SO ... cruise around! There’s a blog and other pages for you. Enjoy!
-Clint Bradford, K6LCS
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